TNB/Time New Bank
  • Project basic information

    Issue Time:2017-11-27
    Total Supply:6,000,000,000
    listed Exchange :12
    Core Algorithm :
    White paper:
    Block Explorer:

  • Project Introduction

    TNB, is a cryptographic digital currency issued by M.I.T, which enables transactions on M.I.T time commodity exchange and M.I.T time asset exchange. M.I.T will mint a total of 6,000,000,000 TNB tokens. No more tokens will be minted afterwards. For early-stage investors, TNB serves the purpose of providing project funding. It could also be used to incentivize individuals or organizations that contribute to the M.I.T ecosystem. Moreover, TNB will be able to carry the premium generated self-promotion of time exporters and deliver to the end users. TNB will also be circulated on third party digital currency exchanges.