• Project basic information

    Issue Time:1970-01-01
    Total Supply:24880000
    listed Exchange :1
    Core Algorithm :
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  • Project Introduction

    STABLE Project
    STABLE aims for ‘stable possession in crypto assets’. The value of ‘stable possession’ means higher possibility of ‘sustainable profits’. STABLE suggests PoR economy to restore user rights. This attracts active participation for stable asset possession by avoiding the former crypto environment where users had no choice to act but to watch on the fall of their assets. The project aims to accomplish ‘co-operative finance exchange’ and to share value of ‘Stable possession = higher possibility of having sustainable profit’ for users.

    STABLE Exchange
    STABLE Exchange is a unique cryptocurrency platform that provides cryptocurrency trading and derivatives. STABLE Exchange operated by Stable Project Corp. is incorporated in Republic of Seychelles. STABLE Exchange is committed to providing a fair, transparent and efficient trading environment for global users. The cryptocurrency products for general grading are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash coin and ones for futures are BTC/USD, ETH/USD and Dash/USD perpetual contracts. STABLE will launch other products in the near future.