• Project basic information

    Issue Time:2018-04-11
    Total Supply:268,946,131
    listed Exchange :5
    Core Algorithm :
    White paper:https://odem.io/docs/whitepaper/ODEM.IO-Whitepaper.pdf
    Block Explorer:https://ethplorer.io/address/0xbf52f2ab39e26e0951d2a02b49b7702abe30406a

  • Project Introduction

    ODE- Introduction Details

    ODEM is an on-demand education market and education platform built on the Ethereum public chain. ODEM currency is the platform currency of the education platform. ODEM directly connects students with educators and eliminates inefficient and costly intermediaries. Students can more easily obtain suitable courses from educators around the world, thereby reducing education costs.

    1. Project introduction

    ODEM is an on-demand education platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform connects students, educators, and service providers to jointly develop and participate in individual and collective on-site education projects.

    ODE is the token of the ODEM platform and can be used for the consumption of ODEM platform services. Students can use ODE tokens to purchase courses, and they can also get rewards for contributions such as original content and active participation. And educators will get ODE tokens as compensation. Students can submit their own course requirements, and teachers can participate in bidding; teachers can also publish courses and wait for students to choose to buy. Since the intermediary is removed, both parties will benefit.

    Application scenario

    Connect students and educators in the real world:
    1. One-stop shopping for educational products and services;
    2. Reduce customer costs by removing unnecessary intermediaries;
    3. Use ODEM token for instant and frictionless cross-border payment;
    4. High-quality and professionally planned educational content from the Ivy League and other regions;
    5. Simplify negotiation and resource performance by using smart contracts;
    6. Ensure trust at every step, capture all negotiation points and product delivery points on the blockchain,

    Technology Overview

    Smart contract:
    The ODEM platform uses built-in smart contracts to allow students to purchase courses, pay and settle on the platform without manual intervention, fully realize transaction automation, intelligence and decentralization, thereby simplifying the transaction process and reducing transaction costs; All data will be recorded in blocks and will not be tampered with, improving the security of transactions.

    Distributed storage of learning records, academic certification:
    Blockchain technology can be used for distributed learning records and storage. The learning records and stage learning results of students on the ODEM platform are stored forever through block storage, and become part of personal lifelong learning files. At the same time, ODEM creates a digital certificate for the student through the blockchain and the key. The certificate records the basic information and achievements of the student. Any educational institution and organization can verify the authenticity of the owner and the learning data through the key, thereby preventing academic qualifications. Fake.

    Decentralized education platform:
    Current education is still dominated by schools and government agencies, academic degree certificates are issued by fixed universities, and other market entities provide a small proportion of education, and certification is difficult. In the future, more institutions will provide accredited education, and based on the transparent and non-tamperable characteristics of the blockchain, the institution itself can provide learning certification to prove the learning effect of students, and the certificate issued by the institution has the same effect. Students who purchase learning courses through the ODEM platform can obtain a certificate based on academic performance, proving whether they have mastered knowledge and skills in a certain field, and the certificate can be circulated and effective.

    2. Comment

    ODEM is an on-demand education market based on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform connects students, educators, and service providers, who jointly develop and participate in personal and group face-to-face education programs.

    The platform directly connects educators and students and eliminates inefficient and costly intermediaries, thereby reducing costs and improving the quality of education students and other education buyers can easily research and find educators around the world The perfect course. For educators, it can increase the visibility of all education purchasers, generate real-time feedback on the plan, and provide incentives for the formulation of related plans.

    ODEM uses artificial intelligence to seamlessly manage complex requests and organize complete education programs around the world. Once students and educators have signed a plan, ODEM smart contracts will seamlessly manage payments from the beginning to the end of the long-term cooperation.