FUN- Introduction Details

New York-based FunFair is a decentralized gaming platform supported by Ethereum smart contracts. It is also the first time Ethereum technology is truly applied to online spinach games, which solves the high cost and low trust of "casino" games. Problem. In fact, gaming is the most important vertical application field of smart contract technology. FunFair's founder and CEO Jez San introduced blockchain technology into the game field. Its platform can accept not only Ethereum but also Bitcoin. , ZCash, and ERC20 tokens.

one. Fun token

FUN is a native digital token that supports all aspects of the FunFair gaming ecosystem. It is a betting chip that allows players to compete with casinos, financial rewards for game developers to pay developers, and fuel to enable key processes on the network.

Second, the token function

1. Fast transaction
Based on Ethereum technology, sending FUN tokens to another compatible wallet is quick and easy.

2. Open
Although the ownership of a single FUN token is anonymous, tools such as Etherscan are still used to publicly record and track transactions.

3. Security
The FUN token is a digital asset managed by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.