FREE-FREE Coin introduction details

FREE Coin (FREE) is ETHEREUM ERC20 compatible cryptocurrency. FREE Coin (FREE) supports most cryptocurrencies and is inclusive, allowing users to obtain cryptocurrency profits with less financial means. FREE Coin (FREE) is not controlled by banks, companies, institutions or governments.

Project Introduction 

FREE coin is a bold and disruptive innovator, paving the way for the global public use of cryptocurrency. Our mission is to make cryptocurrency available to everyone who is interested on the planet. FREE coin is the only cryptocurrency with the correct level of supply to support the global use of encryption. FREE coin makes cryptocurrency inclusive: allowing people with less financial means to use cryptocurrency for profit. So we do initial distribution at a low price. FREE coin creates global wealth by distributing a very fast cryptocurrency.

Project vision

The FREE project/coin has 3 main goals:

1) Support the large-scale application of cryptocurrency.
2) Let cryptocurrency be inclusive, allowing a small number of people to earn the profits of cryptocurrency
financial resources
3) Create global wealth by issuing cryptocurrency coins to increase their value quickly.

Project highlights


Managed by the community


Ensure the safe storage and transfer of digital assets

Always available

100% reliable% ERC20 blockchain

Supported products

Supported by FREE Crypto Ltd, a leader in the field of blockchain development.


A reliable blockchain